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Meet Mohammed Ibrahim: CEO of IB Designer, the hottest fashion designer in Ghana

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The fashion industry in Ghana is getting big by the day. Back in the days, only a few people were involved in it and it was hard to find boutiques across our streets.

But in recent times, things have changed, there are boutiques all over, for that matter, an influx of stylists and fashion designers across streets, shopping malls, market places, just to mention a few.

Well, this is good right? Yes! It is! However, how common fashion hubs have become has posed another great challenge which is the popularity of substandard clothing items.

In simple terms, we’ll say the sale of fake dresses and fashion items have become a social canker.

The unfortunate thing is, some of these stylists pose as ‘best of the best’. Sadly, however, their shops are filled with fake and cheap collections of outfits.

The sad thing is, they’ll sell the clothes at a very high price as they present it to you as the original version only for you to find out later that what they sold to you was fake.

To prevent this, you need a well-seasoned fashion designer that can help you with all your queries in the world of fashion.

It is for this reason that we present to you a solution, a young Entrepreneur called Mohammed Ibrahim.

Who is Mohammed Ibrahim?

Mohammed Ibrahim is the CEO of IB Designer Boutique. His shop is located on the 30 Hilla Limann High Way, in the Greater-Accra Region of Ghana.

Mr Ibrahim specializes in the sale of quality clothes. He gives outfits to musicians for video shoots, movies and photoshoots.

How do you contact IB Designer?

You can reach them on +233557125796. You can also contact him via Instagram @ibdesigner456


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