Meet Spike, Officially The World’s Oldest Living Dog

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Guinness World Records have tagged a 23-year-old chihuahua who is a mix from rural Ohio as the oldest living dog, per a Thursday press release pretty tremendous considering that chihuahuas generally live around 15-17 years.

Meet Spike, Officially The World’s Oldest Living Dog

The small-but-mighty Spike is 22 centimeters tall and has a weight of 5.85 kilograms, per Guinness measurements, and his preferred hobbies comprise napping, hiding his toy fox around the house, and also playing with the house cat known as Foxxy. He is getting blind and hard of hearing.

Spike’s owner who is known as Rita Kimball, says she first found she may have a world record holder on her hands after she watched an episode of Jimmy Fallon and heard the news of the ex-oldest dog known as Pebbles.

Pebbles, a toy fox terrier from South Carolina, died last year at 22 years old, and Kimball realized that her Spike, at 23, was even older.

“Most of our family knew that Spike was old but didn’t know he had a shot at being the oldest in the world,” Kimball said. “Now that he is a record holder, they see him as a celebrity.”


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