Megan Thee Stallion Reacts To Dwayne Johnson Saying He Wants To Be Her Pet: ‘I’m Kind Of Epic’

Megan Thee Stallion will be Dwayne Johnson’s proprietor.

During a meeting with SiriusXM’s “The Morning Mash Up”, the hosts circulated a clasp of The Rock as of late saying he’d need to be Megan’s pet when requested to pick a superstar.

He was posed the inquiry while advancing “DC League of Super-Pets”, in which he stars close by Kevin Hart.

Megan answered, “I mean, that is similar to unbelievable. I’m somewhat epic.

“I used to watch wrestling constantly and being from Houston and watching The Rock and how well known he is, the amount of a uber star he is and he want to be my pet. Like period. Like, we made it. We may be somewhat renowned.”

She likewise talked about delivering her new collection Traumazine and how composing it was a personal encounter.

Megan said of not getting a lot of rest the night prior to the delivery, “I’m so energized. I’m tense throughout the evening. First of all, like I stay up the entire evening pondering all sort of stuff. I’m composing arbitrary verses.

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“I’m simply contemplating what I want to eat the following day. Perhaps I shouldn’t eat right now at six AM. Like, understand what I’m talking about? In any case, my collection is out. I was so tense about the collection, cause this is whenever I’ve first at any point been so private.

“Also, this is whenever I’ve first at any point dealt with my music like this, as normally I compose music and I’m like, ‘OK, I’m miserable, yet I’ll state “Body”.’ Or, you understand what I’m talking about? ‘I’m vexed. OK. I’m stating “Oddity Nasty”.’ But this is whenever I’ve first composed music about how I really feel and not how I need to feel.”

Have Stanley T added, “Indeed, let me say that the collection is called Traumazine. Did I say that right? Thus, this is the definition, a compound delivery in the cerebrum when it’s compelled to manage difficult feelings brought about by horrible mishaps and encounters. That is somewhat been your life throughout the previous two years.”

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The performer shared, “Better believe it. However, as likely the beyond three years. I sort of needed to discuss all that has been occurring to me since like 2019. Like since my mother passed. Also, I feel like I just somewhat managed it. Like I never truly managed it I’m not saying I’m still in a decent spot about it. I’m not saying I’ve managed it by any stretch of the imagination. I simply feel like presently I’m coming to where it’s all hitting me.

“Goodness my golly, everything is occurring to me. It happened to me. I go through so much and I feel like I just consistently keep it inside and I in every case just, simply continue to deal with it. In any case, presently I’m somewhat feeling like, darn, I need to manage this. I can’t keep not discussing it. I can’t continue to run from it. I need to manage this.”

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Megan said of whether she’d cry in the studio and on the off chance that it was remedial, “I was crying more so composing the melodies than recording the tunes. It sort of felt like a load off my mind a smidgen, really expressing a portion of these things without holding back.

“Yet, better believe it, it felt significantly better to express it without holding back and I feel like it feels better to have individuals comprehend what I’m accustomed to. Because so many individuals could recount my story. Such countless individuals got a comment about me that don’t actually have any acquaintance with me, yet I’m like, ‘Alright, what about this? Allow me to place a smidgen of my sentiments in my music.’ And then, at that point, you know, you can see what I’m used to.”


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