Following 's disclosure of her connection to Nigeria on her podcast ‘Archetypes', the country has received an undisclosed donation from her and her husband to help with its flooding crisis. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are extending a hand of help to the Nigerian people.

Meghan in her podcast has disclosed that she is 43% Nigerian and that got a lot of reactions from who seemed excited about it. A Spotify spokesman verified in a press release that the Archewell Foundation had given money to both UNICEF and Save the Children.

The unspecified sum of money, according to the representative, would help provide relief after terrible floods causing havoc in Nigeria.

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Many states in Nigeria have been ravaged by the worst floods it has seen in years causing 1.3 million people to be displaced, 600 deaths, and 2,400 injuries. It is very commendable for Meghan to put her money where her genealogy is.

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