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Meghan McCain Reveals the Only ‘View’ Co-Host She Still Has a Relationship With

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While Meghan McCain has said she’ll “always avoid” The View, there is one co-have from the ABC daytime syndicated program whom she actually stays in contact with. During an appearance on the Reality With the King digital recording, McCain drilled down into her experience on the show the bond she actually shares with her previous collaborator, Sunny Hostin.

“Bright is one of the best TV existences in all of TV. I continue to tell her she ought to have her own show,” McCain said of Hostin. “I don’t have the foggiest idea why MSNBC isn’t attempting to poach her for Rachel Maddow’s spot.”

Adding, “She’s by a wide margin the most politically keen individual on that show. Also, incredibly inquisitive in a way I didn’t find any other individual I worked with. Like, inquisitive about various parts of legislative issues.”

Beyond her political ability, McCain proceeded to share her affection and regard for Hostin, whom she called “a great individual.”

“She’s the main cast part I actually have a relationship with,” she proceeded. “I have such love for herself and regard for her. She’s a great individual and she didn’t slander me the manner in which a ton of others did, for whatever that is worth.”

While McCain – – who broadly had a stressed relationship with co-has Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar – – and Hostin stay close, the Bad Republican creator told have Carlos King that she no longer watches the show.

“It was an honor to be on for a very long time. I have continued on. I don’t watch the show by any means. It doesn’t actually enter my vocabulary that frequently, even the channels I follow on Twitter and the news I read and the mainstream society I consume,” she shared. “A large portion of the mainstream society I consume, it’s a great deal of Housewives, so I don’t observe any longer and it would be too abnormal to even think about watching.”

Also, honestly, the TV character said she doesn’t miss being on the show by the same token.

“I don’t miss it and I believe this is on the grounds that I struggled my last season,” McCain made sense of. “It was a truly tough time in my life. I’ve been truly open, in my book, about what occurred. I felt like I owed it to give additional background info to my experience.


I think my experience on the show endured a great deal with COVID and Zoom. I believe it’s much simpler to despise somebody through a case and through a screen and to not figure out where they’re coming from.”

Whenever ET talked with McCain in October, she said she has no bad sentiments toward any of her previous co-has, however she noticed that Behar telling her live after she got back to the show from maternity leave that she didn’t miss her was an impetus for her choice to leave The View.


“I discuss the second I chose to leave, which was the second that I suppose assuming you’re a major

The View fan, you most likely recollect was when Joy let me know she didn’t miss me, and that she didn’t miss me zero, and I was going through post pregnancy tension,” she reviewed. “I had quite recently returned from maternity leave – – it was my subsequent day back – – and it was somewhat reserved between that second when I initially returned, that occurred, and afterward the uprising on the Capitol occurred, so it was an extremely, hard week to return from maternity leave.


What’s more, I just felt at the time … I began crying and I had a fit of anxiety in my office ground floor subsequently. I hurled … it was an all out wreck. Furthermore, I say in the book that it just was as of now not worth the effort to me what I was surrendering by and by.”


“I think during COVID, it was whenever that I first truly begun contemplating my psychological and close to home wellbeing, and afterward truth be told, I began pondering what my girl planned to see on the web when she was developed,” McCain added, alluding to her 1-year-old girl, Liberty.


“What’s more, I recently thought, similar to, I simply don’t think this is the way ladies ought to be dealt with when they return from maternity leave, and I felt likewise like the kinship on the show had dispersed in COVID in view of the satellite.


The way that we were truly separated from one another truly harmed the show, I mean, there’s no way around it, clearly, however it had an effect.”


In spite of the fact that McCain said she requested a statement of regret from the show’s leader maker after the occurrence with Behar yet didn’t get it, she isn’t holding any feelings of resentment and added that she takes responsibility for job and minutes during her experience on the show that she’s not glad for.

“I in every case sincerely attempt and take responsibility for job, you know, a portion of the minutes on the show during the four years I was there that I’m not pleased with, things that occurred,” she likewise said.

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