Men who wear jeans are promoting anti-Christ – Female Pastor

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A female pastor has come out to make a controversial statement on men wearing jeans. According to her, jeans is a tool of antichrist. So men who wear it are indirectly promoting the agenda of antichrist.

She is hence calling on men to stop wearing jeans.

“Let me tell you something about jeans, especially you brothers. You see, in the kingdom of darkness I was raised to the highest level of the kingdom of darkness — executive member. We sit in meeting, face to face with Lucifer before Jesus Christ arrested me. So that time we were holding meetings regularly. We do meetings in Russia, California, in the 999 realm”, said.

She continued: “So there was a day we were holding a meeting in 999 realms and one of the agents raised this that ‘how do we gather people into the kingdom of anti-Christ, how do we control their hearts?’. And let me tell you, the real name of JEANS is ‘Global Uniform of Anti-Christ‘. So if you put on jeans, you are promoting antichrist to come. You understand?

Watch the video below:

Just yesterday, a certain woman of God also came out to say it is not right for Christian couples to try different styles in bed.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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