Michael Aboh Slumps And Dies In Shower

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Nigerian singer, Michael Aboh of Zule Zoo has reportedly died after collapsing in his shower while taking a bath.


The singer who was part of the composers of the hit song ‘kerewa’ according to his partner, Al-Hassan Ibrahim was taking a bath in the morning only to be declared dead after falling down.


According to Al-Hassan Ibrahim, he can’t console himself as the ‘brother’ he has been running together with in search of a better life has left him all of a sudden.


“It is so sad and quick to say after our long run together in this life to live a better life coming short for you…My brother collapsed while taking his bath this morning and now My Michael is no more🥲🥲🥲🥹
Tears has behold my eyes and my hands are shaking as I can’t hide the fact that you’ve passed on on this day😭😭😭…”, he wrote.



As fans took to the comment section to mourn the passing of the singer, a fan expressed that it is time people appreciate the efforts of others when they are alive rather than when they are dead and gone.


“I wish people were eager to help you survive when you were alive suffering, roaming the street of Makurdi than the way they are eager to let the world know of your demise today!! Rest on Legend”, she wrote.


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