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Michael Bever Release Date

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Five Bever family members were killed on July 22, 2015, in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, in the United States. This incident is known as the Broken Arrow killings.

Twelve-year-old Daniel Bever dialed 9-1-1, alerting authorities and saving the lives of his sisters, Autumn, 2, and Crystal, 13.

One of the two survivors, Crystal, named her two older brothers as the attackers: 16-year-old Michael and 18-year-old Robert. Following their apprehension, the brothers faced five charges of first-degree murder and one count of assault and battery with the intent to kill.

Michael Bever Release Date

The lawyer for Michael Bever contested the decision to try his client as an adult, claiming that it was tantamount to the death penalty and that his client would perish in jail.

Even though there was no proof of abuse taking place in the Bever home, he maintained that if Michael had been subjected to physical and psychological abuse at home, he ought to be rehabilitated rather than put in jail.


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