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Michael Blackson Subtly Shades Meek Mill Over Jubilee House Saga As He Takes Friends On Tour, Video Emerges

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Michael Blackson weeks ago announce his coming to Ghana and asked that friends that will love to tour the country can come along with him. He made mentioned some of the activities he will like to carry out when he comes.

He has been in the country for some time now and has been going around with those he came with.

A visit to his free tuition school is on the agenda. During one of the tours, he took time out to lash out at Meek Mill for shooting a music video in the jubilee house and even using profane words.

This issue has been there for some time now and Meek Mill paid a courtesy call to the president and recorded some videos there. It has received the condemnation it should from all citizens and Blackson has added his own lashes to that of netizens. What is wrong is wrong.



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