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Michael O’Laughlen Release Date

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Michael O’Laughlen, Jr.; June 3, 1840 – September 23, 1867) was an American Confederate soldier who, though not directly involved, was a conspirator in the plot by John Wilkes Booth to kidnap U.S. President Abraham Lincoln and later in the latter’s assassination.

The media and others frequently spelt his last name incorrectly as O’Laughlin.

A military tribunal tried O’Laughlen, Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, George Atzerodt, David Herold, Samuel Arnold, Edmund Spangler, and Samuel Mudd for conspiracy.

The government made an effort to establish that he had followed Ulysses S. Grant around on the evenings of April 13 and 14, intending to kill and murder.

Until the end of March, O’Laughlen was without a doubt a willing conspirator, even though this was not proven.

Michael O’Laughlen Release Date

Along with Spangler, Arnold, and Mudd, O’Laughlen was sent to Fort Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas. Yellow fever claimed his life there. President Andrew Johnson gave the order to give O’Laughlen’s mother his remains on February 13, 1869.

They then sent his body up north to Baltimore. He was laid to rest in Green Mount Cemetery in Baltimore. Samuel Arnold and John Wilkes Booth were interred in the same cemetery.


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