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Michael Shannon Directing New Drama Eric Larue

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He’s important for the stacked cast for David O. Russell’s Amsterdam (you can track down the primary trailer here), however Michael Shannon is likewise wanting to step behind the camera for his first time at the helm. He’s assembling a film transformation of Brett Neveu’s play Eric Larue.

Neveu has adjusted his own work for the film, and the story follows Janice, the mother of 17-year-old Eric, who shot and killed three of his cohorts. As Janice faces a gathering of the moms of the other young men, and a long-postponed visit to her child in jail, the story becomes not about the brutality but rather about what we decide to think and do to endure injury.

“Eric Larue has such a great amount to say regarding our country, about the manner in which we attempt (in some cases maladroitly) to manage the injury of living here, which is so slippery on the grounds that it doesn’t introduce itself obviously in substantial terms more often than not,” Shannon tells Deadline. “Like most extraordinary stories, Eric Larue plays at the full scale and a miniature level at the same time. At the point when I read the screenplay, I promptly realized I needed to guide it. I saw it. I heard it. I could feel it. Also, I needed to ensure that it got the perfect touch in the entirety of its perspectives, on the grounds that by the day’s end, it is a phenomenally sensitive thing.”

Shannon has a set of experiences with the writer and his work – Eric Larue debuted at Chicago’s A Red Orchid Theater in 2002, where Shannon was a fellow benefactor, and has coordinated a rethought rendition of Neveu’s play An Enemy Of The People. Initially written in light of the Columbine school shooting, the film form is being stirred up following the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

Next up in acting terms for Shannon is Bullet Train, which will be out on 3 August.

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