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Michel Cordes illness: What disease did Michel Cordes have?

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Michel Cordes, a French comedian, author, theater director, and actor, was born on November 25, 1945, in Siran, Haute-Hérault. He also regularly pursues his passion for sculpture.

Michel Cordes, the son of Leon Cordes, was born in Siran, Minervois, where he lived until the age of five. He then moved to Montpellier for seven years, and finally settled in Lattes for the remainder of his life.

Cordes divides his youth between working in the paternal exploitation and attending school. At the age of five, he wants to enroll in the Beaux-Arts, but his parents forbid it. Cordes begins his professional career in April 1969 with Jean Deschamps at the CDN Languedoc-Roussillon/Theatre du Midi.

Cordes developed both his experience and his skills as an animator and a trainer. Over the course of these ten years, particularly at the Comédie de Lorraine, he will further his understanding of theatre by taking part in the production of plays at all levels. He wants to work as an author and set designer at the Lorraine Comédie, but no one will let him. He left it in 1980.

Michel Cordes illness: What disease did Michel Cordes have?

Cordes was a discrete individual who didn’t disclose his health status to the general public. Therefore we are unaware of any health-related conditions he might have suffered from. Keep checking this page as we endeavor to bring you more updates in this section.

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