Michelle Kelson Accident Video

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We announce with great regret and great anguish Michelle Kelson’s passing. Her departure from this life leaves a gap that is deeply felt by everyone who knew and loved her.
Michelle sadly perished in an accident that claimed her father’s life.
She is said to have died in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) mishap.

Acknowledged for her extraordinary abilities and kind nature, Michelle made a deep impact on everyone she came into contact with. Regretfully, her unannounced passing has left her loved ones, friends, and family in deep sorrow.

Owing to the deep grief her family is now going through after her untimely death, access to her obituary information is temporarily restricted.
The timing and location of Michelle’s graveside service, as well as her funeral and burial arrangements, remain unknown.
An announcement will be made later on the specifics of her funeral and burial plans, including the time and place of the graveside service.
Our thoughts and prayers are with Michelle Kelson’s family and loved ones during this difficult time.
Funeral arrangements and visitations will be announced shortly.

Michelle Kelson accident video

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