Mide Martins And Afeez Owo Receive A Response From Soji Omobanke.

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Soji Omobanke described what his British coworkers did for him to commemorate his birthday last year, according to other news.

Soji Omobanke thanked his coworkers for their outpouring of love and support while being overcome with emotion.

On Tuesday, it was revealed that Mide Martins and her husband Afeez Owo had gotten into an altercation with their colleague Soji Taiwo at the baptism of Adeniyi Johnson’s twins.

He was seen fighting with Mide Martins and hurling abuses at him in a video that Soji Taiwo, also known as Omobanke, shared online.

Mide Martins And Afeez Owo Receive A Response From Soji Omobanke.

Afeez Owo, ever the devoted husband, defended his wife while retaliating against Soji Taiwo’s remarks.

Mide Martins, who wasn’t through, commented that the fight had only just began.

She penned the phrase “The fight has just begun” in Yoruba.

Soji replied that neither Mide Martins nor her husband Afeez Owo had seen anything as of yet in response to her threat.

“You still haven’t seen anything! Even my younger brother, who is especially big, was involved between me and the husband of my younger brother. I won’t get your benefits”.


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