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Mlindo Is Back With A New Album After Four-Years Break

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Preceding Mlindo the Vocalist’s triumphant debut album Emakhaya, recorded as the best-selling album in SA for three years, the singer said the four years that come after were challenging.

Proceeding from the many accidents that he sustained and survived to the music industry politics that includes him having a grudge with DJ Maphorisa and recently collapsing on stage during a Soshanguve performance – apparently drunk – the 26-year old made aware he felt like he was losing himself. This completely resulted in a dejected state which brought about him not being in the studio for some time – although his fans requested one.

But his self-titled album Lindokuhle, Mlindo lets his fans on a journey of coming out from the villages, to what he went through in the music industry and then eventually finding himself again. The album will be released this month.

“I got famous at a very young age and I soon realized that fame doesn’t come with a manual. Through the fame, I lost who I was and the reason I started doing music in the first place,” he said.

As someone who came from a musical background, the duty was to accomplish the dream of performing on world stages, but that started to decline. He knew he had to get back and make drastic changes.

But with every fleeting moment, the singer slowly relaxed and showed off his sense of humor.

“The years that followed my first album release were extremely overwhelming, but also very exciting. You are now the center of attention for everyone.

The fast life became a dramatic change for me, coming straight from varsity to world stages and traveling with the best in the industry like Maphorisa. I never even thought I would need a passport before,” he said laughing.

Mlindo was only 23 years old when he dropped his debut album.

“My first album changed my life drastically. My mother retired from being a kitchen girl at the age of 35 and I bought her a house, took three of my siblings through school, and bought cars for the family as we never ever had any before. Life really took on a different shape and I was grateful for it,” he said.

But with all the industry problems and the need to reset, the Covid lockdown helped him with the opportunity to pack his bag and studio and headed straight home to Port Shepstone to revive with self. That tour also meant taking responsibility for the problems in his life. The expedition brought about his second album.

“With this album, I went back to Lindo Kuhle [himself]. Put the public figure aside, let my guard down, and take care of myself.

While at home, I also consulted my grandmother, who has since passed on, who reminded me that I need to appease my ancestors who are responsible for the gift that I have.

“And that was something that I had neglected for a while, but it was important that I find that guy again. The one who loved being around people he grew up with, the one who prioritizes bonding with his mother and would appreciate the smallest things like watching normal everyday television soapies. Just being real,” he added.

The album is a nine-track project, which was at first meant to be an EP, took two years in making.

Also about he losing consciousness on stage, the singer hold responsibility for his over-trustfulness of welcoming drink from a stranger in the nightclub – all in the name of being friends with strangers and letting them accept him.

“Like I said, I take full accountability for things that happened to me in the past and being spiked at that club. But I have grown a lot now.

All the things that I used to do – the clubbing, the girls, and so on – are not a part of me anymore. I am more chilled now because I can even stay at home and not feel left out when a particular party is happening. I listened to my grandmother and all the advice I got while back at home. I am more focused now and I know what I want,” he said.

“I am also grateful to grootman Sjava who, when all the mess was happening around me, reached out and gave me some counseling. In fact, my current favorite song is one that I worked on with him titled Lusekude which is also on the album. A song that he sent to me so that we work on and I happened to resonate with,” he said.

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