Mohbad returns with new up-tempo record, ‘Weekend’

Music has a voice and it speaks to people in many different ways. Music can personify emotions in life, regardless of the genre, and it is a source of inspiration and expression.

It is a fact that music can reduce stress and calm people down, and it also adds to happy occasions. Music, for many people, is not something to just listen to, as it is more than a reflection of who they are. Music builds people, shapes them, and guides them as well.

Knowing the importance of music, many musicians, both young and old keep to their task as they provide the public with songs in different genres.

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Having said that, Mohbad, a street-pop sensation, has returned with a new single he calls ‘Weekend’, as he stays true to his groovy blend of Amapiano and Juju sound and catchy but meaningful lyrics.

Mohbad returns with new up-tempo record, 'Weekend'

The song’s driven by his braggadocios vocals, complimented with the English, Pidgin, Yoruba-tinged delivery that highlights Mohbad’s understanding of Street Pop.

Below are the details:

  • Song Title: Weekend
  • Genre: Afrobeats, Street-pop
  • Producer: Niphkeys
  • Length: 2 minutes 03 seconds
  • Features: NONE
  • Label: Mohbad/ONErpm

Click the link below to play:


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