Mom caught on CCTV using her children to steal wig from a shop

In a footage leaked online by ‘The Hood Unlocked, a mother was seen using her children to steal at a shop.

In the video, it shows that they were stealing a wig.

The mother would walk and skillfully remove the hair on top of the mannequin on which it was worn. The children who are two, would then walk to the wig and hide it on their jackets.

The woman thought no one saw them, however, the CCTV was hanging at the top like ‘God looks from heaven’ and captured all their sins.

Social media users are angry with this woman. With most of them saying, she is simply teaching these kids to become thieves in the future. So if she needed to steal, why couldn’t she do it on her own rather than involve her innocent children who would learn blindly and become a danger to the community.

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Watch the video below:


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