Mother disciplines her teenage daughter after she shared video of herself kissing her boyfriend on social media

mother lash daughter

In this era and century, social media has become very common. So you’ll see children on social apps posting unnecessary things without knowing that they are putting themselves at risk.

So this teenage girl from Ghana was with her boyfriend and they did a snap video together.

In the video, the love birds could be seen locking lips as they have fun together.

The young man who was enjoying the moment grabbed her breast and then proceeded to her more. The video has since gone viral on social media.

Well, in another video, the young lady’s mother saw the video. Disappointed in what her daughter did, she has decided to lash some common sense into her.

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Watch the video below;

What the woman should know

It is not bad on the side of the woman to lash her daughter. I am a firm believer in ‘spoil the rod, and spoil the child’ principle.

However, what she must know is, the rod doesn’t necessarily mean beating the child with a cane.

Beating her won’t stop her from going back. It will even make this young girl become more truant and smarter about committing her immoral acts so that she won’t be caught again.

What this mother has to do is counsel the girl. Tell her the ramifications of what she is getting into. Invite the young boy over and talk to him also. Visit the parents of the boy and have a sit-down with both the boy and the girl for them to know that what they are doing is too early, and it could pose danger to their lives.

The mother should know, after the caning, the pain will be gone and the small girl would go back to her old ways.


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