Moyo Lawal Makes Fun Of Herself In Old Photos.

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Moyo Lawal, an actress and beauty entrepreneur, has taken to social media to mock a throwback photo of herself.

Moyo Lawal posted several old photos of herself, asking, “Who is this hot mess?”

Moyo Lawal also thanked God and expressed pride in the fact that her career was built on pure talent.

“I luv flashbacks because who is this hot mess?” I am extremely proud, however, that my career was built primarily on talent because I was not rated in the looks department because who is this?? And what exactly is this? P.S. Did I mention I used to wear my glasses out back then (see, I’m still squinting)…. My God, a real-life Ugly Betty… Thank you so much, @walteranga, for the lovely memories… I did not appear in *I NEED TO KNOW *, but I did appear in every other television series since then.” she wrote.

Actress Alex Okoroji responded to the post, writing, “Moyo from Shallow Waters… Meanwhile, babes, I recently discovered an oldie goldie that I’d like to send you. Surprisingly, it was from AMAA 2007. I believe it was you, me, Femi Brainard, and John. Do you want to see? Let us give thanks to God for progress.”

“I fell in love with Moyo when I first saw her on Binta and friends she had this screen presence that’s hard to ignore she’s a goddess,” one azontoforgod wrote.

“Yeah I remember good old days you when you were in this soap opera about a girl who got pregnant ooh I forget the names of this movie is it onome or so we watch it on nta you it was fire,” one Chikadibia5 wrote.

Moyo Lawal Makes Fun Of Herself In Old Photos.

Moyo Lawal Makes Fun Of Herself In Old Photos.

Moyo Lawal Makes Fun Of Herself In Old Photos.


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