AlMaghrib Institute was founded by Shaykh , who also serves as its president. Nothing is impossible, according to his parents, and it has been his guiding principle throughout his life. Shaykh Muhammad, who began memorising the Qur'an at an early age, earned a degree in Islamic Law from the Islamic University of Madina in 1999.
DiscoverU, a centre for personal development based on Islam, was also founded by him. Shaykh Muhammad makes use of the existing technology to his audience's advantage through websites like, seminars like his DiscoverU Lifecoaching certification, and online webinars. Additionally, Shaykh Muhammad has featured on the Islam Channel in the UK and had pieces about the Hajj appear in the Saudi national media during the Hajj season.

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The 47-year-old Canadian founder of @almaghrib, Muhammad Alshareef, has passed suddenly. Alshareef, a well-known teacher, influencer, and businessman, had no known diseases. The 2002-founded Islamic studies centre modernised the process of learning about Islam in the West. Sheikh Muhammad Alshareef will be blessed, raised, and illuminated in the hereafter by Allah. In my interactions with him, he was consistently cool-headed and joyful. He made ground-breaking attempts to teach English-speaking Muslims.


Muhammad Alshareef wife: Was Muhammad Alshareef married?

There is no evidence that Muhammad ever had a wife. However, he offered ten suggestions for becoming a successful wife.

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