My baby daddy committed suicide after I lied on him & he got arrested by the police

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The extent to which people go in seeking revenge has ramifications that at the end of the day, they live in regret thereof.

This woman has sent a message to a relationship counsellor, Auntie Momoza, saying that her baby daddy cheated on her with someone she knows and then dumped her.

To get back to the guy, she visited his place and stabbed herself in the stomach. The case was then reported to the police and the guy was picked up. Now, while released on bail, the guy went to commit suicide.

This lady knowing very well she has caused the death of an innocent man is admitting that she cannot sleep because of the guilt.

Read her full message below!

Hi Auntie. Please make me anonymous. My baby daddy cheated on me with someone I know and dumped me like dirt. I went to his place and stabbed myself on the stomach with a knife. I spent almost two weeks in hospital. I told the authorities that my baby daddy is the one who stabbed me. He got arrested and released on bail. On the day he was supposed to appear in court he committed suicide. I am struggling to sleep because of guilt. Is there something I can do to ease my guilt?

My baby daddy committed suicide after I lied on him & he got arrested by the police

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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