My driver asked me to buy one of his triplets babies due to hardship – BBNaija TBoss

Former Big Brother Naija housemate, better known as has recalled how her driver pleaded with her to buy off one of his triplets due to hardship.

The single mother of one made this known in the comment section of a blog where a comic skit showed a woman abandoning her triplet babies due to the obvious harsh economic situation of the country.

TBoss recalled how her driver was pushed to the wall to do the same about three years ago.

She wrote: “Believe me when I tell you that I have seen this happen to me. Many years ago, my driver’s wife gave birth to 3riplets, and he asked me to buy off one of his kid’s cos he couldn’t afford them. Funny but so not funny.”

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Other fans also related to her post, while some see Triplet babies as a huge blessing, others argue that it could lead to depression due to financial implications.

My driver asked me to buy one of his triplets babies due to hardship – BBNaija TBoss Filani News recalls that TBoss has always kept her fans abreast with her single parenting experiences.

The mother of one, in an earlier Instagram post, revealed how she felt the first day she took her daughter to school and saw how unkempt some mothers who also brought their kids to the same school looked.

According to her, she wondered why mothers wouldn’t find spare them to tidy up themselves before leaving home for school runs.

She wrote, “Confession Time: The 1st week I enrolled my child in school, I saw a couple of moms come to drop off their kids and they were looking seriously dishevelled. In my mind, I was like- couldn’t you put some effort woman? I mean I make sure to wake up early enough to make Starr’s breakfast, lunch, snack, shower and fix her hair, shower myself, dress up and make sure I smell good, then drive her to school.”

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TBoss further explained that within a few weeks, she found herself in the same position as other mothers she was criticizing.

The Reality Show star noted that she wants her story to make people stop judging others because no one knows what the next person is going through.

“Joker. A couple of weeks down the line and I’m dropping my child off at school looking like a homeless person smelling of all the spices and oil from frying, some perfume yeah but who the heck remembered to fix herself up? NOT me, because the goal is to get my child to school, possibly not be the last parent to drop off their kid and then I can go home and pass out or shower & get on with my day.
Basically- I look insane just so my child can look good whilst getting an education 🙏🏽
I say this to say- Never, everrrr judge people. You just don’t know what they’re dealing with. A little kindness goes a long way and instead of scrunching up your face – how about you look the other way and just mind your damn business?
Ps: I took my advice.
Now, be a darling and do the same.”

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My driver asked me to buy one of his triplets babies due to hardship – BBNaija TBoss

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