‘My Son Sees Me As His God, I’m Hoping My Daughter Grows Up To Do Same’ – Mzbel

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Mzbel, a Ghanaian television personality and businesswoman, stated why her son does not believe in God.

In a recent interview, Mzbel claimed that her kid does not pray to any god, but rather views her as his god.

She said that instead of reaching up to the sky in prayer when he is in need, he comes to her with his requests.

Mzbel went on to say that although she doesn’t think there is a deity, if there is, she doesn’t pray to him in order to achieve her goals.

However, she makes a plea at her late mother’s alter and then gets the answers to her prayers.

Mzbel and Son

In a recent interview, Okomfo Black, the son of musician Mzbel, disclosed that his choice of religion has presented him with obstacles.

In a neighborhood where Christianity and Islam are the prominent religions, Okomfo Black and his family believe they are committed to their traditional and ancestral worship.

Okomfo Black contested the existence of the Almighty God in the interview, claiming that since all beings are gods, no one supreme ruler needs to get special recognition.

Okomfo Black,10, expressed unusual beliefs regarding God, highlighting the fact that he does not see God as a parent. He claimed that although God does nothing for him, his mother is the one who takes care of him and meets his wants.

Due to his remarks, which did not sit well with Ghana’s traditionalists, many of his classmates’ parents are trying to distance themselves from him.


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