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Mzansi favorite YouTube couples broke up

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The sad news hitting us this morning is the alleged break up of our favourite YouTube couples, Umiey Dreamz, and The Real MXO.

Many people are shocked by the couple’s alleged breakup. Who’d have guessed Umiey and MXO would break up? Let’s hope that was just a joke.


The news was first published on their YouTube channel by MXO, announcing that they have decided to go their separate ways. He also changed their channel name from “Umiey Dreams and The Real MXO” to “You and The Real MXO.”

MXO also stated that he will continue the channel and make contents with his brother.

This is what he said:

“If you follow us on Instagram probably you’ve seen that we’ve decided to go our separate ways. We’re not going to do videos anymore. She’s going to carry on from her side andI’m also going to carry on on my side. I’ll be doing videos on my own. If you’re wondering what the cause of that is, it’s life guys. Life happened and I know you didn’t see that coming. Life happened and we decided not to work together anymore”

There is a lot of suspicions right now as MXO failed to detail on why they broke up. According to MXO, hee and Umie didn’t fight but just decide to go their separate ways.

“Just to clear the air, no one cheated, and no one did anything wrong. No one harmed anyone. There’s no bad blood,” he said.

Below are some Tweep’s reactions.

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