Na Only Me Remain To Declare – Peter Okoye Talks About Increase In Presidential Aspirants


Veteran Nigerian musician and businessman, of fame has opined that the rate at which politicians are declaring their ambitions to run for the Nigerian Presidency is alarming. According to him, he thinks he is the only one left to also declare his intentions for the presidency.


In a post shared on his Instagram account, Peter Okoye compared the declarations made by these politicians to that of drunkards at drink parlors adding that they need to calm down.


“The way dis people dey declare to run this 2023 presidency eh!….🤔. E don pass beer parlor drink declaration!🍺🍻. Ah ahh! Make una calm dan an!😒😏. Just saying!🤷🏻‍♂️🚶”.

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Captioning his post, Peter Okoye explained that he feels like he is the only one left out of the race for the presidency. 


“Just saying!… E come be like say na only me remain to declare!”.


His assumptions are not far from the truth as many public figures in his comment section revealed that they would actually love to run for president of Nigeria but were waiting for sponsors to finance their presidential forms.

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