and are partaking in a sweet “babymoon” before the introduction of their most memorable kid together. The 30-year-old model shared photographs of her time away with Cannon on her Instagram page, showing the couple on a walk around an ocean side.


Tiesi and Cannon are both seen wearing bright garments, with the mother-to-be brandishing an orange two-piece top and skirt and the 41-year-old TV character wearing a colorful shirt-and-shorts set.


The pair radiates joyfully in the photographs, with Cannon supporting the model's knock in a single shot and offering a kiss to Tiesi in another.

“BabyMoonin ūüĆôūüíôūüĎ∂ūüŹĹ I still can barely handle it‚Ķ babyc mother and daddy love u such a lot of as of now,” Tiesi subtitled the exhibition of photographs.

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Cannon declared that he's anticipating his eighth kid with Tiesi in January. This is the main kid for Tiesi, who separated from ex-NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel in November.

The then-host of The Nick Cannon Show kidded that he is “beginning his own football crew” and shared a photograph of his orientation uncover with Tiesi alongside the news.


“It's a kid! We figured out yesterday,” the glad father said. “Everybody realizes I have a ton of youngsters. It's never a contest. Everyone is unique.”

Cannon is the father to 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex , 4-year-old Golden “Sagon” and 13-month-old Powerful Queen with Brittany Bell, and 7-month-old twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with Abby De La Rosa.

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Last year, Cannon invited his seventh youngster, Zen, with Alyssa Scott. Tragically, Zen kicked the bucket at five months old in December after a fight with cerebrum malignant growth.

The anchor person made sense that he looked into Tiesi's before the passing of his child. Gun said that he needed to regard Scott's lamenting cycle, which is the reason he stood by to share the news.


Gun likewise noticed that while he took a commitment of chastity toward the end of last year, Tiesi was pregnant before this, taking note of that she was near 20 weeks when they dropped the news. Gun likewise shared that he is as of now not chaste and anywhere close to coming to New Year's without engaging in sexual relations.

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Cannon has never been bashful about needing to continue growing his family, telling ET in September, “Consider it, you can't be like, ‘No, I'm done.' Like imagine a scenario where God says, ‘No, you not.”

“I come from a major family, I have a few kin. Being brought up in a strange family by my grandparents on occasion, I've encountered such a wide scope of childhood that I have such adoration and enthusiasm for youngsters and family.


I need a major family as well,” he added. “The Lord has favored me with what I asked, however ask and you will get.”

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