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Nicole Cardano-Hillary is a basketball player who currently plays a Guard for the Indiana Hoosiers women's basketball team.

She was raised in a bilingual household and attended a bilingual school in Spain before moving with her family to Texas at the age of 12.


Hillary's birth details have not been made public. As a result, her age remains discrete.

Net worth

Her net worth is unknown.


She stands tall at a height of 5 feet 6 inches,


Nicole Cardano-Hillary is said to be a McDonald's High School All-American nominee who helped lead her team to two state tournaments.

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Her parents are identified as Erin and Mario. The couple were married and began a family in Madrid before eventually moving to Texas, United States.


Hillary's current team is the Indiana Hoosiers women's basketball. She plays as a Guard.


She has a sister named Erica with whom she is two years apart.


There are no records of her injury.


Cardano-Hillary scored 22 points and picked up three steals in a 75-61 loss in the 2017-18 season at Michigan.

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