Nicole L Linton Dead Body Photos And Videos

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The California Highway Patrol has named 37-year-old registered nurse Nicole Lorraine Linton as the driver of the terrible multi-car accident that occurred at the La Brea-Slauson crossroads in West Los Angeles on Thursday. Officials claim that Linton, who had survived the terrible collision, was taken into custody while being treated in the hospital and charged with vehicular manslaughter due to gross carelessness. He is currently being treated for “moderate” injuries at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. The final determination regarding the charges will be made by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. At roughly 1:40 p.m., a suspected drunk driver slammed through a busy intersection while traveling at a speed of at least 100 mph, according to the Los Angeles Sentinel. The crash claimed the lives of six individuals, including a pregnant lady named Ashray Ryan23 and her newborn baby. The CHP released a statement that read, “Preliminary investigations show that Nicole Lorraine Linton was driving a dark colored Mercedes, moving at high speed south on La Brea Avenue.”

Nicole L Linton Dead Body Photos And Videos

Linton’s Benz is shown flying and generating an explosion as it collides with the first two automobiles on a stand, killing numerous people including a child in its path, in a video of the disaster that was caught at neighboring petrol stations. even rips a car apart and sends it through the windshield. cut in half completely. A flame trail was left behind where the cars were parked.

Drunk driver arrested for Los Angeles accident that killed 6, identified as nurse Nicole Lorraine Linton - NewsTimes.com.ng

Here’s a video providing details on the accident.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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