“Nigerians Stopped Listening To His Music After He Left Marlian Records”- Ruger On Mohbad’s Death

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Ruger recently acknowledged the controversy surrounding Mohbad’s untimely death in an interview.

Mohbad’s tense relationship with Naira Marley, the owner of his former record label Marlian Records, left many questions unresolved after his death. Before his tragic demise, Mohbad had an unpleasant and acrimonious conflict with Marlian Records, accusing them repeatedly of stealing his music rights and owing him money.

When discussing the value of fans to an artist’s career, Ruger made the suggestion that Mohbad’s emotional state before his passing might have been impacted by them. He underlined that an artist’s admirers have some responsibility for their welfare.

After Mohbad departed Marlian Records, many of his fans apparently stopped purchasing his records.

“Nigerians Stopped Listening To His Music After He Left Marlian Records”- Ruger On Mohbad’s Death

Ruger recommended that after artists leave their record labels, if fans continue to show their sympathy and support for them, it will protect them from feeling depressed and will inspire them to keep performing music.

Ruger also brought up a worrying issue: because of their fervor for the artist, some followers have been known to argue with the artist’s family and close friends when problems arise. Ruger asserted that this behavior can exacerbate an artist’s emotional and mental state.

Nigerians have responded to Ruger’s claim in various ways. Some people can identify with his perspective since they are aware of the significance of audience support to an artist’s career. Others, however, have condemned him because they believe he should keep silent if he has nothing positive to say.


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