No Man Is Bankrolling Me — DJ Ada Tearfully Announces

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Nigerian disc jockey and actress, DJ Ada sobbed bitterly whilst addressing an issue that has been troubling her mind for some time now.

DJ Ada in a video broke down lamenting about how the public attributes all her achievements in life to men with the notion that they sponsor her.

Setting the records straight, Ada emphasized that she does not depend on any man to get her things nor is a man bankrolling her lavish lifestyle.

Reacting to this, netizens trolled her whilst others alluded that she need not explain herself to anyone because she owes no one an explanation.

millypost21 wrote; ‘She likes to cry this girl. Even if they bankroll u who he concern Why does she de cry I thought she was the one that needed tp after a date from men.

veevyane wrote; ‘People will always talk, there’s no need to clarify anything.. allow them to talk and keep doing your thing Woh bankroll or egg roll o roll something she dey for this matter

yvonneot90 wrote; ”sis I also work for everything But I no de make noise because na my cross so I must carry ammmm? What does the “D” in your overnight profession stand for?

dbnaturals wrote; ‘You don’t owe anyone any explanation sis. If it’s that easy to get someone to bankroll someone else, let them get theirs. Case closed

aminahmina wrote; Na you talk say if them no fit give you transport fare make them no near you, no vex. E be like she wan do shockings so she dey talk am down now say make una no go talk rubbish o


Watch the video below;



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