“No Other Person Can Properly Take Care Of Them As I Does” – Speed Darlington Vows Not To Give Out His Properties Again

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Nigerian artist Speed Darlington has disclosed why he is unwilling to pass his possessions to a family member.

Speed Darlington, also known as Akpi, remarked that he is unable to rent out his houses because no one can care for them as well as he does.

He claimed in the video footage that the person he let drive his car the day before was irresponsible, which caused his car tire to blow out in multiple locations.

“I no Dey like give person my thing, no one will pamper it like you do. Even family”, he said.

Furthermore, he stated that he once entrusted his car to family members, who ruined the air conditioner button.

He emphasized that he does not make friends with his properties, regardless of who you are to him.

I single-handedly took Afrobeats to great heights – Speed Darlington

Read reactions to the post;

Rosythrone said: “No one will pamper your thing like you pamper it. Osheyyy, make i go write this for WhatsApp status as 2day quote.”

Last_born_goody said: “The realest celebrity in Nigeria! Man is just enjoying oduduwa girls without pressure.”

Ekesonmoney_ reacted: “Who wan go borrow car from Akpi mama, borrowing something from him is like borrowing something from amadioha.”

Brixmediahouse commented: “Biko what genre of music does Speedy do bikonu, someone said it’s Afrobeat.”

Leaddyskincare said: “It can happen to you even if you don’t borrow your family and friends.”

Missy_praise reacted: “It’s the song in the background for me.”

Eveswt_ said: “If I be Akpi family member, I no fit borrow anything from am or even help am keep sef, Akpi na case.

Azyne said: “This guy fine sha.”

Zukybeckley said: “I really wanna see him fall in love, lol.”

Debbie commented: “This is so true. Sometimes family will make you regret giving them your things. Akpi is smart.”

Watch the video below:


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