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Noel Gallagher Banned From China For Life, Tagged Enemy Of The People

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English singer and songwriter, Noel Gallagher has revealed that he won’t be able to perform in China following a lifetime ban for being an ‘enemy of the people.


The 55-year-old received a ban from China which prevents him from ever performing in the country ever after showing support for Tibet 25 years ago during his performance in New York at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1997.


Per a report by The Daily Star, Noel Gallagher revealed that he was served with a letter from the Chinese government which tagged him as an ‘enemy of the people and prevents him from climbing any stage in the country for the rest of his life.


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“I’ve got a letter somewhere from the Minister of The Interior saying, “You are an enemy of the people,” or something like that,” Noel said.

He added that he was made aware of the ban 20 years ago when the government after requesting for the songs to be performed to rule out which ones they would allow his band, Oasis to perform told him he could not come to China because he supported the Tibetan people.

“About a month before we were about to leave I got a letter saying [the rest of the band] can come but you can’t because of this thing you did for the Tibetan people. I’d forgotten I’d even done it,” Noel added.

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