Nollywood Actor Bolanle Ninalowo Has Said A Word Of Prayer For Women

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Nollywood actor Bolanle Ninalowo has said a word of prayer for women. Taking to his Instagram page to eulogize women, Bolanle revealed what keeps the fear of God in him.

According to him, remembering his mother’s pain in covering him, her unrelenting love and undiluted support and that of his wife keeps God’s fear in him.

Bolanle added that it guides and re-directs him when he slips and lets him know how much he owes to their existence.

“Knowing my mother’s pain in conceiving me, remembering her unrelenting love & undiluted support even tru all my adversities & wrongs.

Knowing my wife’s pain in conceiving the beautiful kids that gladdens my heart on a daily and remains my greatest source of joy and inspiration. Knowing how much is given up by my mother & wife just for me to exhale. This keeps the fear of God in my imperfect self.

It guides me and re-directs me even when I slip and lets me know how much I owe to their existence. Knowing that there couldn’t have ever been me without at least one of them “WOMEN”. There are no perfect humans, however, there is wisdom and the FEAR OF GOD. May God bless and protect my Women & yours. Maka”.

Bolanle Ninalowo pens an appreciation post to his wife
Bolanle Ninalowo for the umpteenth time had proven that he was a lover of family.

The actor shared a romantic video of himself and his wife, thanking her for all her support.

According to Bolanle, no matter how bad things get to him, the world makes sense again when he comes home to his wife and children.

Ninalowo reveals the greatest things his father taught him
Bolanle Ninalowo revealed where he learnt the habit of always caring for his wife as he celebrated his mother’s birthday.

Taking to Instagram, Bolanle shared a photo of his parents appreciating his father for taking care of his mother.

According to Bolanle Ninalowo, irrespective of having eight children, his father still worships his mother after God and prays that God would bless them.

Bolanle Ninalowo added that his father taught him to worship his wife and learnt so much about taking care of a woman and her family.

He wrote: Celebrating my Dad for taking Great care of his jewel. 8 Children by her alone and he still worships her after God God bless my parents & yours.

Thank you all for the prayers & well wishes. My mom sends her to everyone. God bless you all. Ps: Now you see where I got it from! My Dad thot me to worship my woman.

Bolanle Ninalowo eulogises women


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