Nunu Eluma shines with the soulful 2-pack single ‘Falling/Sweet Release’

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Nunu Eluma, is a famous Nigerian R&B singer-songwriter, recording artist, and performer, has released a new 2-pack single named ‘Falling/Sweet Release’.

Nunu Eluma is known for her calming R&B-inspired musical style. As a singer-songwriter, she delves into the depths of her heart to create melodies that express silent feelings and thoughts.

Her capacity to deeply connect with listeners and provide a personal, emotional experience is demonstrated by her songs.

With the production of Single Mickey, “Falling/Sweet Release” is Nunu Eluma’s most recent release. It comes after a pause since the release of her formal debut, “Gree,” in 2020.

Nunu Eluma

This 2-pack single marks her return, displaying her talent as a promising R&B musician from Abuja.

Nunu Eluma’s mesmerizing performances have graced high-profile gatherings attended by African presidents, diplomats, and industry leaders.

Her ability to attract audiences with her beautiful voice and emotional lyrics has garnered her praise and respect in the music industry.


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