Odogwu meaning

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Ever since Burna Boy released a song titled ‘Odogwu‘, a lot of people have been wanting to know what it means.

Well, Odogwu means “Great man warrior”. Odogwu is of Igbo origin and means “Is a title of Great man”. Also, the name Odogwu means “A man of great esteem. A distinguished man. A valorous man. A great man”.

But Odogwu doesn’t only have a Nigerian origin. Zimbabweans also translate Odogwu as “MIGHTY MAN OF WAR”.

It could also mean an extraordinary man.

In summary, Odogwu is a title given to kings, chief, warriors, great men, heroes and men of valour. So if someone calls you Odogwu, it means you are a champion, a winner, a leader etc.

Quotable lyrics from Burna Boy’s Odogwu song

When I reach Igbo land, dem calling me Odogwu (Odogwu)
And as I enter the town, I put am for agu (Odogwu)
And nobody can stop you, na so we dey fly pass oh
Over any obstacle, e be Odogwu (Odogwu)
Say na who dey draw the map e oh (Odogwu)
You are looking at the champion (Odogwu)
Where the girls dey shake nyansh oh (Odogwu)
Wey the person with the cash oh (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)
Aje aje kekele (Odogwu)
Aje aje pekele (Odogwu)

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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