Olly Stephens Cause Of Death

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Olly accidentally left home for the last time on January 3rd, 2021. The young adolescent told his mother that he was seeing a buddy nearby, but he was slain only 15 minutes later.

Olly had been brought to the Bugs Bottom fields by a 14-year-old girl and was then attacked by two 14-year-old boys who, due to their ages, cannot be named.

Before the younger of the two boys stabbed Olly, the older began attacking him.

Olly’s parents and the police swiftly discovered, following his murder, that the attack on Olly had been meticulously planned using social media.

The inquiry into Olly’s murder involves over 200 police officers.

The Thames Valley Police investigation was overseen by Detective Chief Inspector Andy Howard, who described it as “one of the most disturbing” of his experience.

But it didn’t take long for authorities to track out Olly’s killers; all they needed was evidence from cell phones.

Olly’s case was unique, according to the police, because of the significant role played by social media in the case, with phones accounting for 90% of the evidence required to convict Olly’s killers during the murder trial.

Olly Stephens Cause Of Death

Olly Stephens, 13, was stabbed in Emmer Green, Reading, and died as a result of his injuries.

Source: Vimbuzz.com

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