After singer posted a picture of his wife turning 25 on his Instagram page today, February 7, the group of online in-laws are rolling in the mud.

Heidi Korth posted a video on her social media accounts in which she lights a candle for her birthday and places it on a cake. She also expressed her gratitude for her advanced age.

Despite their ongoing marital drama, the father of one shared a brief video of himself and his ex-wife together and wished her a happy birthday.

On Heidi Korth's 25th birthday, Sina Rambo honors his estranged spouse.

On social media, a few online in-laws commented on Sina Rambo's behavior.

“That's his wife, and they have a child together,” She is not, in my opinion, back with him. There's nothing wrong with wishing your child's mother a happy birthday. Pepiterin wrote.

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As stated by Exclusive, “After using 001 as bait”

“After all that noise and drama,” 8patrice5 wrote.

“No put mouth for husband and wife matter,” Ugmaaa wrote.

“E no mean anything,” Even when I wasn't talking to my ex, he used to post me. Men of no sense. Makky wrote.

“na why them no Dey put mouth for love matter,” Ewatomilola wrote.

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