YouTuber and relationship expert who is known as has sadly passed away at the age of 5 after suffering from cardiac arrest.

When he went unconscious, Police phoned the resident in Buckhead Atlanta, an upscale apartment complex. The 911 caller was later identified as who is 32-years of age and reported a ‘person injured.'

When Atlanta Police Officer known as Joel Figuereo arrived at the scene, an EMS employee was seen ‘performing CPR to a black male' who was ‘unconscious on the floor of his apartment.' Ortensia later specified the male to be David Samuels.

Alcantara who is a nurse reported to the police that she met David the night before and ‘spent the night with him.'

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In the morning, David started suffering from chest pain and she ‘tried to help him… but he fell on top of her.'

Alcantara ordered a defibrillator from the front desk to ‘keep Mr. Samuels conscious until [EMS] arrived.' David was transferred to Piedmont Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

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