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Oscar Provencal Urges Government To Fund Local Short Skits And Series

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There have been many suggestions over the year to the government as to how to make it happen in the entertainment industry but most often than not the suggestions are not taken.

On TV3 New Day, a veteran actor who goes by the name of Oscar Provencal has urged the Government to fund short local skits and series.

According to him, all those that do skits and series are in the chain and contributing to the local movie industry.

There is no point comparing Ghana’s movie industry to worlds apart and one has far more advanced than the other, so kindly stop the comparison.

He said this by talking about the comparison that people do make between Ghana and Nigeria’s movie industry.

The movie industry of Ghana needs many things to enable it to match up with other movie industries that are often used as yardsticks to talk down the movie industry of Ghana.


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