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Owen Brooks Release Date

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Between 1970 and 1973 in Houston, Texas, at least 28 boys and young men were kidnapped, raped, tortured, and killed by serial killer Dean Corll and Elmer Wayne Henley.

David Owen Brooks (February 12, 1955 – May 28, 2020) was an American who was found guilty of murder and an accomplice of Corll. After Henley shot Corll to death, the crimes—which came to be known as the Houston Mass Murders—came to light.

Owen Brooks Release Date

Brooks and Henley not only took part in the kidnapping and killing of the victims, but they also broke into many locations, for which they received minor payments.

In the 1975 case of State of Texas v. David Owen Brooks, Brooks was found guilty. He was convicted of kidnapping and killing fifteen-year-old William Ray Lawrence on June 4, 1973. An appeal was filed challenging Brooks’ conviction, but it was rejected in 1979.

Serving out his life sentence, Brooks passed away in a Galveston, Texas hospital on May 28, 2020, at the age of 65. In addition to COVID-19, he suffered other ailments.


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