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Paul Leahy Release Date

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On July 18, 2002, in the women’s room of a Burger King rest stop in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, Alexandra Nicole “Ally” Zapp was murdered. In honor of her and another victim, the “Megan Nicole Kanka and Alexandra Nicole Zapp Community Notification Program” is named under Section 121 of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (P.L. 109-248). The “Ally Zapp” Law refers to the Sexually Dangerous Persons Law in Massachusetts.

Paul Leahy Release Date

Leahy was accused of first-degree murder, armed robbery, kidnapping, and armed assault with the purpose to steal.

According to prosecutor Frank Middleton, the trooper who caught Leahy tidying up after the murder, Lt. Stephen O’Reilly, provided the most of the evidence, which the prosecutor said was overwhelming.

According to Spillane, Zapp was debating whether or not to rob Leahy while she was waiting for him to emerge from the bathroom. Spillane claimed that his client started the fight in the restroom on its own and had no intention of hurting Zapp. He claimed the defendant was only responding to an uncontrollably escalating situation.

Paul Leahy was convicted of first-degree murder on September 24, 2003, and given a life sentence without the possibility of release.


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