Paulina Porizkova Fires Back At Plastic Surgeon Who Allegedly Said Her Face Requires ‘Fixing’

Paulina Porzikova is standing firm against some analysis she said she got from a plastic specialist.

In an extensive Instagram post, the 57-year-old supermodel shared a selfie, uncovering the pic had been reposted by the specialist (composing that it’s “since been erased”) to make sense of all that was “off-base” with her face.

“I found this photograph, which I have posted here previously, (and thought I looked perfect in) reposted here on IG by a corrective specialist, and examining exhaustively what I wanted done,” composed Porizkova in the subtitle.

“Those troublesome hollows under my cheeks could be disposed of with fillers, Botox for my brow, those kinks on my mouth, and the harmonies in my neck, and an entire pack of lasers to fix and smooth and fix everything,” she proceeded.

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“This is the very thing a more seasoned lady in the public eye will manage,” Porizkova brought up. “I’m informed my face needs ‘fixing.’ It has some way or another turned out badly by maturing. Is anyone surprised that the greater part of us who have the means will turn to certain types of fixing everything we’re said is broken?”

Proceeding, Porizkova stated, “I might want to work out some kind of harmony between being to seem healthy enough yet get to feel pretty on occasion. In my work, I’m confronted with my own face in practically unnatural detail – and despite the fact that I have come to acknowledge its greater part, I actually make some unpleasant memories tolerating everything.”

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As a matter of fact, she added, no lady ought to at any point be told “what she ‘wants’ to do to herself, to be viewed as appealing” by others.

“Whether it’s hair tone, cosmetics, ski creams or attire – or the more intrusive choices – is disgracing her,” she made sense of. “Each time you find yourself thinking or saying ‘you know, you ought to… ‘ to a companion, stop briefly. In the event that she doesn’t request help, would you say you are truly making a difference?”

She closed, “Find your thought process is delightful in your companions and point it out. The most ideal way to help each other is to praise what is now there.”


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