People Just Wake Up And Tweet Rubbish – Elsie Uzoma Okpocha

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The wife of popular Nigerian comedian Basketmouth, Elsie Uzoma Okpocha has clapped back at netizens who claim the Nigerian music industry is against Davido for not spreading the news of his contract with FIFA.


Though Davido’s signing onto the FIFA soundtrack has been seen as a national win for many Nigerians, some fans of the veteran singer went online to bask against top celebs for not celebrating the ‘if” crooner for his achievement. They alleged that it was due to the fact that most people in the industry were against Davido.


In response to the claims, the wife of Basketmouth, Elsie Uzoma Okpocha argued that it is totally rubbish for someone to say express such thoughts. She explained that Nigeria is currently facing tons of crisis and as such people’s attention are on how they are going to survive causing the little shine Davido received.


“Someone said the entire Music Industry is against Davido, people will just wake up and just tweet rubbish, God forbid! People didn’t post his World cup song and the conclusion is nobody loves him?????


Do you know the problems people are facing in this God s forsaken Country???? When last did you buy diesel???? Did you hear people were robbed and killed recently?


Did you hear about the people that drowned because they were running from Bandits?? Did you hear Our lives are going to be made more miserable when the collection of the Ikoyi toll starts???

Do you know the amount of a paint bucket of Crayfish now???? Please I beg you, don’t be unfortunate”, she wrote.

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