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‘People Use My Songs On TikTok For Morning Devotion’ – Ras Kuuku Challenges Asantewaa

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In an interview with Kwaku Manu, a very famous TikTok star Asantewaa said that she does not promote the songs of musicians again because they do not have money. She also added that her brand has grown wide that she does what she feels to do and not the money that one offers.

As the interview went on, she made it known that, musicians need her to succeed and that she is the salt of the music industry. That statement from her did not sit well with Ras Kuuku a very popular reggae artist. He said that before the existence of TikTok which Asantewaa uses to promote music, many artists were making hits.

He went on to say that none of his songs have been given to any TikToker to hype but his songs are making hits and reign on TikTok and even people use it for their morning devotion. He added that the TikTokers are not the ones to determine which songs become hits so they should humble themselves.


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