Péter Kozma (skier) Cause Of Death, Wife, Children, Net Worth, Illness

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Péter Kozma was brought forth into the world on May 16, 1961 and lived 62 years until passing away in November 2023.

Kozma had following his birth grown to establish himself in a career as a Hungarian alpine skier.

He was noted to have competed in two events at the1984 Winter Olympics, bringing him into the spotlight.
Kozma hailed from Solothurn, Switzerland, which remains his place of birth.

Péter Kozma (skier) Cause Of Death

Péter Kozma breathed his last from an undisclosed cause of death. Kozma gave up his breath at the age of 62. His passing was announced in November this year.

Péter Kozma (skier) Wife

Péter Kozma kept details regarding his wife discrete, making unknown whether or not he was married.

Péter Kozma (skier) Children

Péter Kozma did not make public details regarding his children, making unknown whether or not he had kids.

Péter Kozma (skier) Net Worth

Péter Kozma had an estimated net worth which remains undisclosed.

Péter Kozma (skier) Illness

Péter Kozma was not mentioned to have suffered any sort of illness.

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