Phil Stutz net worth

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Dr. Phil Stutz is a professional psychiatrist and author who graduated from the New York University. The seventy-five year old is well-known for his hardworking, passionate and patient therapeutic techniques he employs whiles consulting his clients.

According to Phil, he began his work as a professional psychiatrist in a prison on Rikers Island for a while before he ventured into private consultancy. Phil has been working as a professional psychiatrist for over 40 years.

Aside Phil Stutz’s career as a psychiatric doctor, Phil is a renowned author. The Tools(2012) and its sequel, Coming Alive (2017) are two of Phil’s notable works. In fact The Tools was New York’s bestseller in 2012.

Phil is currently shooting a Stutz, a Netflix film that centers around his life as a psychiatrist, his way of therapy and early life experiences. The film is entirely a conversation between him and multi-award-winning actor Jonah Hill.

Phil Stutz net worth

Phil is currently believed to be worth approximately $1million. Sources say Stutz amassed most of his wealth from his work and a psychiatric doctor and an author.


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