Phyna Jokingly Reveals That Her Mother Likes Her Ex-Boyfriend Than Her Current Boyfriend

The reigning BBNaija queen, shared a video clip on her Instagram page playing a game with a man beside her. In the game, the man acted to be her boyfriend and the game was interesting. The game is all about Phyna telling us who she likes best between her ex and present lover and the qualities they both have.

As the rules of the game demand, Phyna revealed that her boyfriend lies a lot and he has made her cry countless times and also admits that he cheats more than her ex and she doesn’t like it.

Phyna jokingly said a lot of bad things about her boyfriend but with what she said in the game, it’s obvious she still likes her ex-boyfriend. Phyna said her ex-boyfriend is good and he knows how to take care of a lady, he has the nicest body structure, very funny and her mother likes him. At the end of the game, Phyna revealed that she would like to get married to her ex.

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Watch the video below:

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