“Pleases Get Out Of My Page – Ruby Ojiakor, Junior Pope In War Of Words Over Father’s Day Post

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Father’s Day has strained relationships between Nollywood actress Ruby Orjiakor and her colleague, Junior Pope.

Ojiakor wished herself a happy Father’s Day on Instagram, hinting that she plays a dual role in her daughter’s life while praising God for his favors.

Sharing a video with her 8-year-old daughter, the screen diva captioned her post;

“HAPPY FATHER’S DAY TO ME”!! IT HASNT BEEN EASY WORLD” Bt in allll| we give thanks to the ALMIGHTY”

Thank You Jesus Christ for everything. HER ROYAL MAJESTY” @princess_royalty”

“Pleases Get Out Of My Page – Ruby Ojiakor, Junior Pope In War Of Words Over Father’s Day Post

Junior Pope reacted by feeling a little out of place with her Father’s Day post but praising her parental responsibilities.

He wrote;

“RUBY (father) ??? Anyways you are doing a great job

Ruby responded by expressing her dissatisfaction with her colleague’s comment on her page.

“How can you of all people that knows everything I went through Nd still going through drop this disgusting comment??? I willI never do it to you Nd you know it”

Junior Pope went on to school her about the importance of her baby daddy in her daughter’s life.

“You can only be her mother never her father, someday she will be United with her father …. There is a difference between a father and a parent.”

Feel free to look it up…He is not a parent because he did not partake in raising her but he is still her father and still very much alive… (His sperm) Let’s not all be too quick to copy the white man “

Expressing shock, disdain, and anger, Ruby couldn’t fathom his boldness to question her over her child.

“l’m trying to hold my patience Bt it’s obvious you know exactly what u’re doing”… Now I know nobody likes me” because if you” that I respect somuch will drop this deviliŞh comment here” it means I’m no longer safe”

Like how can you even dare “Oga na you wan unite them???? Pls get out of my page”

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