Posts Like This Makes Me Angry – Yetunde Bakare Blasts Socialite For Calling Nollywood Actresses Husband Snatchers

Celebrated Nollywood actress, has jabbed a socialite as she takes to social media to defend her colleagues after the socialite tagged Nigerian actresses as husband snatchers.

According to the outspoken actress, though some actresses have over the years been exposed for snatching other people’s husbands that is not grounds to generalize the issue and tag everyone in the industry.

“POST LIKE THIS MAKES ME ANGRY 😡😡. So bankers, Lawyers, Doctors, Teachers, Marketers, Event planners, Makeup Artists etc … don’t snatch husbands or are not 2nd/3rd wives to a man somewhere? I can argue this with solid facts, the only reason y’all scream actresses do the most is because most women feel intimidated by FAME! Also actresses are on your TV screen and some of your men already fantasize about them and how’s that their fault 🤷🏻‍♀️.”

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She added that because of such criticism, many celebs are forced to live fake lives in fear of what people would say about them.

“Do you know it’s even difficult for a lot of actresses to live their lives because they’re always conscious/scared of what people will say! It’s easy for blogs to carry gist about actresses because their fame gives them engagements and that’s how they make money! If they carry a banker’s gist how long do you think it’ll trend? Do you think it’ll have the same attention as an Actress? NO!”


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