“Primeboy Was Not Truthful” – Samklef Shares Video Of Mohbad’s Swollen Hand After Their Fight

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Mohbad’s childhood friend, Owodunni Ibrahim Oluwatosin, commonly known as Primeboy, has landed himself in hot water following a recent video published by music producer Samklef.

On the day Mohbad died, Samklef shared a video to his verified Instagram account showing him struggling on the bed with a swollen arm and a cut.

Samklef disputes Primeboy’s assertion that he didn’t strike Mohbad during their brawl at the Ikorodu show on September 10, 2023 in the video.

Recall Primeboy was one of the five suspects whom Mohbad detained, according to report, who also claimed that the singer died as a result of injuries sustained during a confrontation with Primeboy.

This comes after Nigerian singer HK Plutorious said Primeboy killed Mohbad out of jealousy and that Mohbad’s wife is aware of the incident.

“Primeboy Was Not Truthful” – Samklef Shares Video Of Mohbad’s Swollen Hand After Their Fight

Sharing the video, they wrote;

“Omo! Jesu! @gistloverblog_mediaoutlet : #JusticeForMohbad
Hello GLB NATION, HELLO WORLD, are you all here? It seems we now have a significant breakthrough in this case. This video shows Mohbad on the day he passed away, and it’s one of the pieces of evidence being used by the police. I had previously mentioned that Prime Boy was not truthful when he claimed Ileri hit him and he didn’t retaliate. Look at Mohbad’s swollen hand and the cut; it contradicts that claim. I also pointed out that Prime Boy was in contact with Naira and other Marlians and remained close to Mohbad. Scroll down my page, and you’ll find evidence of this. After I revealed Prime Boy’s connection with Naira, he posted a disclaimer video in a car. On that same day, he removed Zino’s pictures and anything Marlian from his page. Do you all recall this?

This case will become clear. I’m returning shortly to analyze and explain the entire situation. We must make progress in this case. I’m working tirelessly to ensure justice prevails, even when I’m not online. I believe God will grant us justice, and an innocent soul won’t be wrongly accused. I’ll be back soon.”

See reactions below;

daybourjohnson: Only Mohbad’s wife can give clarifications on this issues. So sad mohbad isn’t alive to defend himself but good his wife was there when the scenario happened. She’s is the only that can shed more light regarding the occurrence that happened between mohbad and prime boy .. We can’t crucify prime boy yet because mohbad wife is yet to tackle prime boy statement, She’s is the only one in the best position to tell the world what really happened and later transpired that night @samklef IMOLE 💡.

austin_godsey: Prime boy hit mohbad with something beyond the eyes no body can tell me nothing……. This murder was well plant Sam Larry and naira Marley and prime boy jealousy for mohbad helped them …….. people wicked chai

mandy_.ken: This is not IMOLE’s hand🫠 please yall let’s be observant! His right hand has tattoos at this place so è Jo let’s not be lied to🙏💔. We seek real justice. I seek real justice. And for those of us the genuinely,honestly care… may we find peace and the lord will give IMOLE the justice he deserves 🙏🥺. In Jesus name, AMEN. #justiceformohbad.

idopickup: What if it was when sammy Larry bullied him and they date it forward to pin it on primeboy 😢 I fight all the time never got that kind of injury Na person way dey look make them hit am go sustain this kind injury, mohbad didn’t do anything against sammy Larry bullying him, but faults prime boy so I don’t think this injury is valid for that day,

iambuzor: Listen to Bella new song lyrics “Hi blood pressure when you think am – Sojo man don kill him own person- matta don cast e don change settings” make out police try dey transparent and professional in this case abeg 👏 everything can’t end the usual way.

daniel_escoba26: Awon oloriburuku Tunde and verydark oloshi won’t see this to post when they have been bribed.

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